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by Candy Ambulance

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Blue 03:44
Everything that you say is water filled Rushing down and rolling out and washing with the rain You speak illogical labyrinthine Tied up and twisty like everything you say I saw a man in the garden once It was dusky and dusty and dimly lit blue I could tell that he was holding something But he kept it from my sight like everything you do And the feelings never new I’m no longer shocked by you Everything that I see kaleidoscope Twist the lens, colors shift, does it change the frame? There is a switch that I know inside Call me back make it new Giving me new names Gimme a new name
Bulldog 03:15
You broke your collar bone when you were 12 years old You never could have known that one day you would hold me With a shaky foundation and I hate to disappoint you But all my relations keep pulling at my heals I know that if i showed you exactly how to look at my jaw You would see I am shaped just like a bulldog You were 15 years old when you made some videos about a baby sitter I used to do that job Fast forward by 10 years and you slept in my apartment Showed me your YouTube and I wish I could have know you then But now I can see I am not what you need just a dream of something that you want You will know me shaking Like a bulldog Baby I wish I could go back to when we met Maybe we’d forget that I was such a wreck a mangy scared rescue who never pissed on your rug or chewed up all your shoes I am not like you I don’t know what to do I broke the both of us but you never ever blamed we We’re in our twenties people say it’s a good time to learn I learned that things may crack of you do not treat them gentle I’ll try to love me now in the way you wanted to I know that if I have to say for one more time that I am wrong You will know me shaking like a bulldog A slobbering bulldog Cute with a fucked jaw
Better 04:04
Spending a day in my bed Wish for ways to quiet my head I want to believe you When you said This will get better But it don’t feel better Muddy boots on a parlor floor Your wet towel by that bathroom door Oh to believe you Cuz you said This will get better But it don’t feel better To be someone’s only one To wash the damage done But it don’t feel Hard to know all the things I lack I’ll take a seat in the way way back
Horses 03:57
I hope someday Someone photographs me Looking at you During your performance Thrill you with my romance Romani Eyes on me Nothing matters now I joined the church Could be helping Or we could hurt Give a voice Wringing hands angry in the backseats Of different touring vans I had wanted To scream with women You reminded me that I want To leave in pieces All the folk who called you fag Steal horses Steel horses Steel horses Steal horses We came for your horses (Chorus) Eat our dust Heart is rust Because you made him Lick it up I’m a slut Because you made me We came for your horses Crooked paintings and borrowed dreams of you A song I wrote in the past You were working on triangles I was smoking in the bath
Jim 03:34
Step inside of the room We could look at the moon I’m not a bombshell my love But I could still turn you on All your money is fine But it’s nothing to your time I’m not a bombshell my love but I could still turn you on To know isn’t necessary To want I don’t think is wrong Did you hear it when I called? Did you want it? Take it all When you howl I crow I’m afraid of coyotes I’m not a bombshell my love but I could still turn you on To low isn’t necessary to want I don’t think is wrong To live and be legendary baby is all I want
Bigger 02:50
Help is such a pretty thing I get it from you I hope you get it from me Bigger is better I’m better tha ever When you wipe the blood from my knees I wasn’t looking for anything When everything found me Life can be so complex The things we’ve done All that we haven’t yet Bigger is better I borrow your sweater And you wipe the blood from my knees Wasn’t looking for anything when everything found me


released July 9, 2021

Produced by Nick Kinsey and Ellen Kempner


all rights reserved



Candy Ambulance Troy, New York

Troy, NY’s Candy Ambulance are Jesse Bolduc (bass), Jon Cantiello (drums) and Caitlin Barker (guitar, vocals). Formed in 2014, the trio have been honing their songwriting and touring around in a Toyota Corolla these past 7 years.


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